The Take Your Health Back Now! Podcast is for anyone who wants to become more empowered on their own health journey. Hosts Kendra Duquette, Jenni Wise, and Dr. Drew Duquette use their years of experience in Preventative Health, Functional Medicine and Environmental Health to pass along the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your health and create lasting wellness in our increasingly unhealthy world!

12: Deep Dive into Glyphosate

Glyphosate is one of the most talked about chemicals out there, but a LOT of information is missing and it can be hard to connect the dots between lawn and garden maintenance, human health, and big ag. We dive into all things glyphosate so that you can better...

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Your Job is Not More Important Than Your Health

When you think about your health and wellness, where does your job fit into the big picture? We dive into the fact that even though most people spend a large portion of their time working, few of us really stop to consider the many, many areas of overall health that...

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Transformation is Possible

One of the biggest barriers to change, in all areas of life, is simply believing it's not possible to make the transformation. In the areas of health and wellness, people are often told that there is nothing wrong, or there is no cure and they simply have to live...

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